LDS Mission

First day on the field

I hope now that I will be having normal P-days (not the ones we get in the MTC) I will be able to keep this better updated. There are so many experiences that I would love to share, but there is just no way to write it all.

So this morning I waved goodbye as my MTC generation left for the airport. A few of us visa waiters got left behind and reassigned to nearby missions. 6 elders who are waiting for their visas forArgentinagot assigned to the Mexico West Mission, and I got assigned to the Mexico East Mission.

My day started pretty early… 3 am. Everyone was on their way to the airport by 4.45 am and I was picked up the AP’s by 6.30am. Oh boy. I met my mission president and his wife, the Hickens. They are LOVELY people and I immediately felt welcomed and cared for. After a nice hearty breakfast, I was given a capacitation and some instructions regarding the time I would spend here and my particular situation.

I will be serving inTecamac,MexicoCity. Everyone says it’s one of the best places to serve in this mission because the people here are so open to the message we share. I hope thats true!

I met my two moms… yes; I’ve been put in a trio :) They are both fromPeruand seem like great sister missionaries. I am really looking forward to getting to know them better and learning all I can form them.

We took a taxi to the store and it was there where I made my first ever, real life contact-with our taxi driver! I don’t know where the bravery came form but I invited him to church, got his phone number, home address and set up a teach. And let me tell you… IT FELT GREAT!

I’m not sure how long I’ll be here, but I plan on making THE most of it :)


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