I recently found myself thinking a lot about this blog. I engaged in a self-dialogue that went a little like this;

Why did I start this blog?  I wanted to contribute in a meaningful way. That’s the short and to the point answer.

And the long, in-depth answer? I began this blog at a time in my life when I was being expose to many things that had never before been present in my life. I felt like I was learning and experiencing new things on a regular basis and I wanted to find a way to pass it on to others.

Why a blog? It seemed like the obvious answer. First of all, the Internet knows no boundaries and makes information über accessible to the masses. Furthermore, writing is something I have always enjoyed. Even though writing has never been something that’s come easy to me, I figured it would be a process that would be enjoyable while still being challenging.

What exactly were you planning on contributing? Inspiration.

And how were you planning on doing that? Well, I thought I would write about the everyday things I was coming across that were inspiring me to think, do and feel worthwhile things.

“Worthwhile things”? Yes, you know… those things in life that enrich your existence and add value to who you are as an individual.

Okay. Do you feel like you have accomplished that? Sadly, no, I don’t think I have. As I look back, I think there have been many times when I used this blog more as an escape for my muddled thoughts or as a means for venting my frustrations, uncertainties and doubts, than for what I really intended the blog to be for.

What do you envision for your blog now?  I still feel this can be a way for me to contribute in a meaningful way.  Ultimately, that is still what I want.

What will be different from now on? In the past I believe my writing lacked focus. I wrote about anything and everything under the sun. Moreover, I believe there were many times when I didn’t write about the things that really mattered to me. I plan to change that.