Eco-Friendly, Minimalism

Is minimalism for you?

Two weeks ago I came across an essay written by Joshua Millburn. His essay, Screw You, I Quit!, is an autobiographical account on how the principles of minimalism, simplicity and passion changed his life for the better.

Before reading his essay I had never heard or read anything on minimalism as a lifestyle. The only reference my mind could muster up when I stumbled across his essay was minimalistic design-the concept of stripping everything down to its essential quality to achieve simplicity.

Though Joshua wasn’t writing about furniture or architecture, the minimalistic concept he was referring to was indeed the same one as in my mental reference. Except the context wasn’t design, but one’s life.

The Less I Needed, The Better I Felt

Interestingly enough, even though mine and Joshua’s circumstances, career and background shared next to nothing in common, his journey into a minimalistic lifestyle was something I found myself being extremely interested in.

The original essay I read led me to his website, The Minimalists, and this led me to a compilation of essays titled 21 day journey into minimalism, written by him and Ryan Nicodemus. The more I read, the more I felt I could relate to many of the things he expressed regarding minimalism. I was especially intrigued by the concept of building your life around your passion and your mission.

I found that many of the ideas he began exploring in early 2010 are things that I too have felt, thought about, considered and, in many instances, sought after. Without ever being aware of it, there have been many principles of minimalism that I have already begun implementing in my life, and many others which I hope to implement in the future.

So, to any of you out there who echo Joshua’s sentiment to any degree,

“I refuse to be a slave to cultural expectations,

ensnared by the trappings of money and power

and status and perceived success.”

Do yourself a favor and check out his essay. And if you are still game then don’t stop there, please visit his and Ryan Nicodemus’ website, and read all about their journey. It’s time well spent. I’m still doing a lot of reading, and have much to learn, but so far, I have really enjoyed what I have found. I’ll definitely be sharing more on the subject in the days to come.


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